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Tao Cui 

Tao Cui
Scientist at ABB USCRC
940 Main Campus Dr., Raleigh, NC, 27606
Email: tao dot cui ampersat ieee dot org

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Area of Interests


Tao Cui is a scientist at ABB US Corporate Research Center. His research interests are mostly related to power system engineering and computer application fields, especially the utilization of the emerging computer hardware / software platforms to solve the problems in energy system management, power system analysis, power system simulation and power system protection.

Before joining ABB, Tao Cui received his PhD degree in ECE from Carnegie Mellon University in the interdisciplinary field of HPC applications in power systems. Tao Cui received his Bachelor and Master degrees in Electrical Engineering / Power System Automation from Tsinghua University with topics in the research and development of protective relaying algorithms and devices.

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