High Performance Computing & Applications in Power System

  • High Throughput Power Flow Solvers on Modern Multicore Processors
    High throughput load flow solvers for transmission and distribution systems with optimized computing kernels, data structures and multilevel parallelism (SIMD and Multicore) on modern commodity CPUs. Fully utilizing the computing capability of modern CPU, achieving order of magnitude speedup comparing to conventional sequential implementation, leads to unique solutions for applications in power system probabilistic and security analysis.
    Publications: 1. PES-GM (Link) 2. HPEC (Link)

  • Distribution System Probablistic Monitoring System
    A real time probabilistic analysis system for three-phase radial distribution network, including the high performance load flow solver, web-based UI and network communication with smart meters over CMU campus network. Demonstrating a novel tool for distribution system monitoring considering the stochastic power inputs.
    Demo: (Link)

  • Parallelizing SAT solver
    Highly optimized parallel computing kernel for boolean satisfiability problem that demonstrates how to fully utilize the computing power of modern CPU for an important numercial computing kernel.
    Publications: iWAPT (Link) (Preprint)

Smart Grids & Privacy Preserving

  • Privacy Preserving in Smart Grids
    Secure multiparty computation based privacy preserving for smart meters: R&D of a homomorphic cryptography system that enables smart grid functions without revealing user's private data.
    Publications: SMC Smart Meter (Link)

  • CMU Smart Meter Database
    A minimalist SCADA system collects & plots realtime power consumption data from public available smart meters installed in CMU campus buildings for research purpose.
    Demo: 1.normal plot, 2.density plot (abstracts load behavior via density functions)

  • Other Projects
    Various other interdisciplinary research projects: queuing theory based EV charging, information theory based PMU placement, etc.
    Publications: 1. EV Charging (Link). 2. PMU Placement (Link).

Relay Protection

  • Transient / Intermittent Earth Fault Detection
    (Sponsored by British Council and AREVA T&D).
    Main researcher of the collaborative project between Tsinghua and AREVA T&D: “Improved Earth Fault Detection Solution for Distribution Feeders”. I was responsible for researching, developing, and dynamic test of several improved relaying algorithms: Using Hilbert Transform based instantaneous power direction and harmonic comparison approaches to identify the single phase to ground earth fault direction on distribution feeders.
    Publications: 1. Transient/Intermittent: (Link) (Preprint); 2. Harmonic: (Link) (Preprint).
    Related Product: P14 IED
    Award: British Council BOND Scholarship 2008

  • Research on High Impedance Fault Detection (Master Thesis).
    High Impedance Fault is a unique challenge for power system engineers especially distribution system protection engineers. In this project, we developed methods and software to model high impedance fault with electric arc, proposed several techniques to detect such fault. Generally, the fault generated transient and harmonic charactoristics are used for detection and direction determination.
    Pubilcations: 1. Modeling: (Link) (Preprint); 2. Scheme: (Link) (Preprint).
    Award: Best Master Thesis Award of Tsinghua in 2009.

  • Faulted Feeder Selection (Relay Group's Work in Tsinghua).
    Using fault generated electro-magnetic traveling waves to select the faulted feeder on a bus-bar in MV distribution substation. My work was to develop a high speed sampling unit and user-interface software. The system is under commercialization on 20+ sites in China.
    Related Product (in Chinese): Feeder Selector
    Award: The whole project won Beijing Sci & Tech Award 2010.

  • High Precision Fault Recorder (Relay Group's Work in Tsinghua).
    Using fault generated traveling waves to locate the fault on a transmission line. My work was to develop a high speed sampling unit, a CAN-bus control/communication unit and Windows WDM driver. The system is on site trial in a transmission substation near Beijing.
    Publications: 1. Algorithm: (Link) (Preprint); 2. System: (Link).
    Related Product (in Chinese): Fault Recorder